Rytrans, owned and operated by Ashley and Leanne Daley, is a team of loyal, professional and skilled tradespeople from across the Toowoomba and Darling Downs region.

Since opening our doors, Rytrans has built a reputation of becoming the benchmark in the heavy transport repair industry. With an experienced and dedicated team, along with the knowledge and the knowhow, Rytrans services, repairs and modifies existing trailers, dollies and other transport equipment.


We also manufacture a wide variety of trailers, dollies & custom built transport equipment, making Rytrans your one stop shop.

At Rytrans we go out of our way to ensure every client feels appreciated, they have received value for money and their position has been respected and understood. We clearly communicate our intentions and deliver equipment to withstand the conditions and environment in which they need to be used, whether it be a national highway or dirt roads of Outback Australia.

Over the years Rytrans has grown to a skilled team of tradespeople, headed up by a team of qualified business managers. During this time, Rytrans has seen the agriculture sector expand and with this, the need for safe, functional and well-priced trailers for livestock transportation and general freight trailers has increased. Rytrans is a specialised team with a reliable, honest and diligent approach, ensuring all work whether it be servicing, custom modifications, or transport repairs, is of premium quality and complete safety.



Ashley, along with his wife Leanne, owns and manages Rytrans and having worked in the transport industry for in excess of twenty years, Ashley has refined the craft of quality workmanship in the sector.

Ashley’s business focus is to ensure road transport safety is taken seriously and remains at the forefront of the Rytrans business model – he takes pride in knowing over time Rytrans has been able to build a reputation for quality workmanship, providing the springboard for the business to manufacture custom built trailers, road train dollies and other specialised transport equipment.

Ashley’s long term vision is to grow Rytrans into a premium repair and servicing Centre, whilst continuing to manufacture premium heavy transport trailers in Australia.


  • —HVRAS (heavy vehicle registration assessment scheme)
  • —AP (approved person) for vehicle modifications
  • Cert III and IV in automotive engineering


Leanne, who owns and manages Rytrans with her husband Ashley (while also running a busy household with four children!) has a focus on the management of the Rytrans office and particularly on customer relations. This customer centered focus manifests itself within all aspects of the Rytrans business model and its commitment to quality.

Leanne also works closely with the staff to ensure work safety standards are implemented and appropriate staffing arrangements are made for each and every job.

Leanne takes particular pride in premium customer service with a personal, family-orientated and caring approach with every job entering and leaving the workshop. Leanne’s vision for Rytrans is that it will continue to expand as a premium and skilled heavy haulage transport business, providing impeccable customer service, built on trust and strong rapport with every client.